Nitro Supercharged Tundra Feature

The Nitro Tundra has been a very long lived project for us and gone through an evolutionary process from mildly modified with a stretched chassis to a full update last year for the SEMA show in Las Vegas. It’s been a great truck and is a ton of fun both on and off-road.



Summer 2015 we swapped 2015 TRD Pro Tundra sheet metal front and rear including the lighting combined with SDHQ pre runner style fenders/bedsides for more clearance in the wheelwells. Add in a combo of Total Chaos long travel control arms, custom Atlas springs (now sprung under with floating air springs for load capacity) and bypass Icon shocks all around and this rig was clearly build for more than just show. An SDHQ front bumper mounting 3 ARB Intensity lights and Rigid fogs improved clearance without sacrificing the Warn 9.5XP winch or nighttime illumination.   Rear bumper and hitch assembly (it still tows regularly) were custom fabricated in house. Finally, new Nitto 37″ Trail Grapplers wrapping black TRD wheels put the power to the ground.

This wasn’t exactly a stock rig when we started. The earlier build included the aforementioned TRD Supercharger, ran a color matched ARB bullbar, upgraded suspension and a fully boxed rear frame section lengthened 12 inches to accommodate the long bed instead of the standard tiny box as this Crewcab was equipped from the factory. It was a good, usable combination with somewhere north of 500HP, but visually not very unique.

Here it is before: 12208441_960848417287249_2677208690371169749_nAnd after.24742823059_7e250dac36_oWith the weather finally improving enough to go have some fun we took the Tundra to the only dunes in our area and let it off it’s leash for the first time since the rebuild. The Auburn Pro LSD unit and Nitro 4.88 gears easily took the power from the Supercharged V8 without issue and the Doug Thorley headers and pipes sound amazing at full song (check out the video).  The truck is an obsolute blast in the rough stuff as the suspension sucks up big and little whoops at ridiculous speeds for a daily driven street truck and sounds awesome doing it. Add in all that horsepower on tap with its supercharger whine and we’re really pleased with how this project has turned out. Nice on the street, still tows toys well and is extremely capable in the dirt.



Sponsors: Nitro Gear, Toyota USA, Icon Vehicle Dynamics, SDHQ, ARB, Auburn Gear, Nitto, Warn, Total Chaos, Amp Research

Wheel Base: 160”

Track Width: 88”

Over all Length: 21’8”

Over all Height: 79”

Type: Toyota 5.7 3UR-FE, TRD Supercharger

Output: 550HP

Engine management: Bullydog / Toyota

Exhaust system: Doug Thorley longtube, magnaflow muffler, custom piping

Fuel Tank: Transfer Flow 46 Gallon

Transmission: ITP High Performance Valve Body

Differential gears brand:  Nitro 4.88 (world’s first set!)

Birfields/CV brand: OEM, w/ Total chaos extended shafts

Locker-Rear: Auburn Pro LSD

Suspension  Total Chaos Long Travel front and rear

Shock absorbers, f/r: Icon Double  Bypass, (dual front),

Springs, f/r: Eibach front, Atlas rear

Sway Bars: Curry Rear antirock

Bump Stops: Icon hydraulic rear, Timbren front

Seats: Classic Softrim Leather, heated seats

Front bumper: SDHQ Prerunner

Rear bumper: Custom Krys-Fab

Sliders: Amp Research power steps

Skid plates: SDHQ

Winch: Warn XP9000

Winch rope: Warn Synthetic

Other safety/Interior gear:Factor 55 Prolink

Brakes: Pads/Shoes, f/r: TRD Pads, Crossdrilled, slotted rotors, Stainless lines

Tires: Nitto Trail Grappler 37/12.50R18/Toyota TRD Pro 18”wheels

Body mods: 2015 Toyota USA OEM Fascia, Tailgate. SDHQ Fiberglass Fenders and Bedsides.

Frame mods: Precision Bodylines 12” frame stretch to fit 6.5’ bed with crewmax. (Toyota only offers 5.5’ bed) custom boxing, additional crossmembers for airbag system.

Headlights: 2015 TRD Pro OEM

Paint/Graphics: OEM Radiant Red, w/ Nitro Graphics designed in house by our graphics guy, Aaron

Weight: 7200 lbs

Shop where work was done:

Differential Parts You Can Depend On.
Nitro Gear & Axle strives to provide the highest quality differential components available.  We take the steps necessary to ensure our parts are dependable.  Our product range is continually growing to meet the needs of consumers for new ratios and applications.  At Nitro we know differentials, and know what it takes to provide you with high quality components.                 


  1. I was wondering how you guys manager to transform that truck from an old looking 2007 into an amazing trd pro looking car, I’m especially interested in the hood and grille and lights, any advice would be useful 🙂


    1. Lots of factory parts. We basically took everything from a new 2015 model for the entire front fascia and rear and then adapted them to the older truck. Most things fit pretty easily, though the fiberglass fenders and bed sides did require some reworking by the body shop to make everything look right. In the end though it really just comes down to having all the factory new parts and then taking the time to make everything fit the way it should. Not a super easy process, but the results were really exceptional.


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