Nitro Gear & Axle Ring & Pinion for Dana Super 60™ – The 10″ Shot Peened Superstar


Nitro Gear & Axle is proud to announce a new STAR PLAYER in our lineup of premium Ring & Pinion Gears, The DANA SUPER 60 – Shot Peened R+P

  • Boasting a full 10″ diameter Ring Gear, our Nitro Gear D60SR line has the full size advantage. Competitors version of this gear comes in at 9.7″ – So you can imagine how much stronger our gears are in comparison when put to the test.
  • Originally intended for 05-16 F450 & F550 Ford Super Duty with the “Super 60” or “Fatboy 60” front axle,  can also be fitted to all high pinion Dana from 1970’s-2016 and all aftermarket high pinion such as Teraflex, Dynatrac, Currie RockJock, Old Rock Crawler housings out of AU, Dana Ultimate 60. Very versatile!
  • Available in Ratios: 4.10 – 4.30 – 4.56 – 4.88 – 5.13 – 5.38
  • Rock Crawlers/Bounces, Trophy Trucks, Baja Racers, Overlanders, etc. We made these specifically with you in mind. We know you chose Dana 60’s with a purpose in mind.
  • These gears are SHOT PEENED – Which gives your gears more durability & life through a very unique finishing process that hardens the top layers of steel.
  • Give your rig the best out there – Run NITRO GEAR & AXLE Dana Super 60’s

Watch the video below for more info!


Visit the website & check out these gears:

The Dana Super 60™ Trademark referred to herein is a trademark of Dana Limited. The Dana Super 60™ Trademark is used for informational purposes only, and there is no connection between Nitro Gear & Axle or JT’s Parts & Accessories and Dana®.

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