Make your Taco, Rock-o! Nitro Gear 4.88s for 2016+ Toyota Tacoma

2016 & Newer Toyota Tacoma 8.75″, 4.88 Ratio, Nitro Front & Rear Gear Package Kit

 Testimonial: If you have been driving your 2016 Tacoma with oversized tires, than you are probably disappointed with the new engine combo, but with proper gearing they are actually very nice. We recently fitted the first stet to the XOVERLAND.COM 2016 Tacoma, which is fully outfitted and includes an AT Overland Habitat (camper). Rachelle and Rhonda complained that the new truck was constantly shifting and burning through a ton of fuel, that it “just didn’t feel right.” Installing the new 4.88 ratio Nitro gears resulted in an immediate improvement in drive-ability and later a 3-4 mpg increase on their 10 hour drive home. You can see the video from the shop floor here at the Expedition Overland facebook page.

2016 & Newer Tacoma Gear Package


Price: $1,379.00

Toyota 8.75″

4:88 Ratio

Nitro Front & Rear Gear Package Kit


2016 & Newer Tacoma Automatic with OEM locker

2016 & Newer Tacoma Manual with or without OEM locker

2016 & Newer Hilux Revo with or without OEM Locker*

Front Differential:    Toyota 8″ Reverse, Clamshell

Rear Differential:    Toyota 8.75″

Gear Ratio:    4.88

Manufacturer:    Nitro Gear & Axle

Warranty:    2 Years

Tech Note:

*Will not fit Dana built rear axle

-Fits factory OEM carrier or ARB RD111.

-Only fits models with automatic transmissions and OEM E-locker or manual transmission models.

-Models with automatic transmission but lacking the OEM E-locker use an 8″ ring & pinion, TV6-xxx-NG.

-Solid Preload spacer replaces stock type crush sleeve improving bearing preload retention, eliminating possible crush sleeve damage if the yoke is impacted offroad and allows the pinion seal to be serviced without complete disassembly of the differential to replace a crush sleeve and reset pinion bearing preload.

-Nitro Master kits include name brand OE quality bearings.

Nitro Complete Gear Package Includes:

Front ring & pinion

Front Master Install Kit including upgraded solid pre-load spacer

Rear ring & pinion

Rear Master Install Kit including upgraded solid pre-load spacer

We at Nitro Gear & Axle realize the difficulty for the average consumer or install shop to compile the list of parts and prices required when doing a gear change. To make it easier for everyone the experts at Nitro are introducing an industry first- “Gear Packages” for many popular 4×4 applications. One part number. One price. One click away.

Features & Benefits:

2 Year warranty*

Nitro Rings & Pinions:

Manufactured in South Korea

8620 Steel Gear Forgings

Precision Machining

CNC Triple-lapping

Heat Treatment

Rockwell Hardness Tested

Nitro Master Install Kits:

Koyo or OEM Carrier Bearings

Koyo or OEM Pinion Bearings

Pinion Nut if applicable

Pinion Seal

Crush Sleeve or Preload Shims or Solid Spacer

Carrier Shims if applicable

Gasket or Silicone


Gear-marking Compound and Applicator Brush


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