Prepping for Rubicon Trail in the Waggy

We are in the final moments before heading out to the infamous Rubicon Trail with the new-to-us 1988 Grand Wagoneer! Bought from our friend Marc Bowers earlier this year, the Waggy has new owners & a lot of new modifications. Some of which we wont release until the full blog goes up!

We went right for the heart, and called up FiTech Fuel Injection for a rush order “GoStreet” unit. Now it’s got steady gas & kicking ass! *Quick Video Below*


Out with the 35″ General Grabbers – In with the 37″ Nitto Trail Grappler on Method Race Wheels




We proudly put in our Nitro LUNCHBOX Locker in the Rear D44 – Sitting on new Fox 2.0 Series shocks in the rear as well – Nitro Dana 44 Diff cover, Of Course! While we are talking about the rear, it was also converted to a JK Pinion Gear with the use of conversion bearings. We make this kit – Our Nitro Dana 44 Big Pinion Kit – It’s a great upgrade & doesn’t cost a ton of moolah.

Link Here:



We had one of the awesome & talented shop techs fabricate a fan shroud – Here Krys is seen checking for clearance issues, etc.


While we are talking clearance issues – The 37″ Trail Grapplers needed some breathing room, so we did some cutting/welding on the fenders


We also TOTALLY beefed up the Steering with EMF Rod Ends






It’s time to load the Waggy into the trailer & get outta here!


We will be doing updates on the trip via IG (@NitroGears) and FB (, as well as a full blog here on our WordPress!

Happy Trails!


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