Trail Hero 2018 @ Sand Hollow State Park

Driving trails in Sand Hollow State Park, Utah is something that literally everyone should experience. It is life changing if you have never done it before. The scenery is, without a better word – Breathtaking. You can’t take a bad photo when the sun is shining, and every where you look there are places to wheel – of every level difficulty imaginable. It took about 17 hours of driving from Central WA State, down to the bottom of Utah.

Sand Hollow is a place where you can bring your Buggy & Boat – with ability to use both in the same day. Pretty incredible. The Trail Hero event is annual – and is a very unique, fun filled week. 4 days of Trail Runs & 1 Vendor Show Day at the end.  This year we were met with some terrible looking forecasts honestly, but when the time came – Mother Nature decided to save the best weather for wheeling days. Our Vendor show was rainy, but the Trail Runs were a total SUCCESS!

To understand this event, you must first look at the world class facility of Sand Hollow, in Hurricane, Utah. Offering thousands of all access off-road acreage embedded with trails ranging from Mild to Wild; Sand Hollow also offers the only location that entails a 5 star resort retreat complete with 18 hole golf course, villas, off-road rentals, and services. Along with lake access year round, both dry and wet camping facilities, and the very off-road friendly City of Hurricane, only 3 miles away make this a prime location. We believe this is going to be the new happening spot for 4wd enthusiasts & professionals alike.


This year we sponsored our very own run – The Ladies Trail Run: By Nitro Gear & Axle on Milt’s Mile (WATCH VIDEO BELOW)


The day after we got to the BNB, we met up with Waldy’s Offroad, Novak Conversions, & the guys from KrawlZone (KrawlTV) and headed out to a beautiful waterfall location – “Toquerville Falls”


Toquerville Falls (WATCH VIDEO BELOW)


The next day – We were up & at it early, and lined up at Staging Area with several Jeeps & Toyota’s for the “Sliplock Gulch” Trail Run. This was a fantastic time, no breakdowns, or roll-overs! Lot’s of very cool rock walls & dry waterfalls here on this trail. It was our 1st official Trail Hero 2018 group & the lines we drove did NOT disappoint!


Sliplock Gulch (WATCH VIDEO BELOW)


We took an hour or so to hit some dunes at Sand Hollow State Park during day 3 of Trail Hero – The LS powered Tiffany Blue JKU made EASY work of moving through the soft, traction robbing sand & the 37″ Nitto Mud Grapplers hooked up at each end of the JKU’s brand new 8 Lug & Locking Hub Converted Axles. With the new Currie F9 housing in the rear – We might as well have had “Sand Commander” painted on the side 😉


Hitting Sand Dunes in the LS Powered JKU (WATCH VIDEO BELOW)


A Very Rainy Vendor Show Day (Photo Taken During The 1 Spot of Sunlight)



Enjoy These Photos Taken During Trail Hero 2018 Week (VIEW BELOW)






**The “Jeep Girl” takeover is happening…and yes – We are using the term loosely, this applies to ALL Offroading Ladies! It doesn’t matter what you drive, we just love to see you all out there! Ford – Chevy – Toyota – Jeep – GMC – Magical Unicorn On 40’s – DOESN’T MATTER! We are so glad to be part of this movement in the making. Did you know that the top owners of a 4 door Jeep Wrangler are WOMEN? That is epic – There is something to be said about the huge increase of ladies getting into this lifestyle over the past couple years. Now more women than ever are into wheeling a 4WD & we wish to show you all our FULL support! Please make sure to Like & Subscribe – As well as add our other social pages, fresh content weekly!!**

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