Walkaround: Nitro Gear’s 1987 Land Cruiser HDJ75 Troopy

1st Walkaround: Nitro Gear’s 1987 Land Cruiser HDJ75 Troopy

We just it back from Goose Gear after handling the overland style interior build-out! Since we’re in WA at Nitro Gear & Axle HQ again with it, figured we may as well give you a quick walk around. Watch & listen as we go over some of the modifications this Landcruiser has received so far! We love it! Feel free to post up questions or comments below – This HJ75 will be getting a full interior/exterior photoshoot, as well as a written article to be posted here on our Blog.

Enjoy the Walkaround!



Project name is “Cobby Bob”

Named after the infamous Cobby Bob, an original Outback Bushman, that is caretaker at the Old Andado Station in the Australian Outback. We met cobby bob on the trip with 4wd Toyota Owner and Darren from Autocraft (there are two full articles printed on this in 4wd Toyota Owners magazine)

More info:


Seems suited, this is a Trakka Bushman from Australia, with tons of years and miles in the outback and the wear to prove it. Just like Cobby Bob

Search #cobbybob

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