SNOW WHEELING 101 w/Mule Expedition Outfitters


Held by Mule Expedition Outfitters // Video Presented By #NitroGear

During this group ride, we talked lots of 4WD Theory, going over the importance of running the proper Tire Pressure in relation to Snow Wheeling, as well as a few common recovery methods, and recommended recovery gear that you need to successfully perform them. Lot’s of 1st timers & plenty of trial by fire. The group was handed some #NitroGear swag bags prior to departure, we found that at least 30% of the group was already running our parts. We would like to give MULE & everyone who attended a Thank You for allowing us to be a part of it, and we look forward to doing more inter-company outings together.

Check out the video we made from the excursion:


Here are some still photos we captured!

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