Lights Out 10! Decade of Domination @ South Georgia Motorsports Park

Lights Out X (10) was absolutely WILD –

The SMELL of Racing Gas & Burned Rubber runs rampant – The ear piercing music of Blown, Turboed, and Nitrous Injected V8 Engines will fill all voids in your horsepower-loving soul. The Saturday night CROWD will get your blood pumping almost as quickly as jumping into the cockpit of one of these monster machines…and the Vendors Midway section will excite even the most seasoned of show-goers.

For us – it was year number 3. Every year has been bigger & better, and we don’t anticipate this event to stop growing. On Saturday night, there was an average of 15K spectators, and hundreds of race crews that came from all over the US…and some as far as the Middle East. This year being the 10th year for this event as a whole..was dubbed “Lights Out! 10 – Decade of Domination”

Whether you were there for X275 Class or Radial VS The World Class – One thing was certain…you’d be missing out if you don’t get to see them both. BOTH of these classes are amazing to watch run. It was awesome to be so close the action, being media I was allowed to stand a bit closer. You can feel the power of these cars rumbling the asphalt & sending energy straight into your feet. If you don’t bring ear protection & you’re in the Water Box (Burnout Box) or at the Starting Line…YOU’RE GOING TO LOSE SOME HEARING!

But Hey – Why read about it any more when you can just Watch The Videos?




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