Quadrapaws Annual 4×4 Trail Run: Tahuya State Forest

Nitro Employee & JL Owner, Spring Jones, went to the Quadrapaws Annual 4×4 run at Tahuya State Forest over the weekend! Read her story below!

“When I arrived, they gave me a card to get points throughout the ride for prizes at the end. They had 5 check points throughout the ride, with games and trivia questions to earn points. Also, at each check point they had roman numerals you wrote down added up at the end. –

Check point 1 you earned points if you had a fire extinguisher in the vehicle.

Check point 2 you threw 2 darts and earned points where you landed they also had an extra game to earn points where you threw a poop emoji slime into a toilet. If you landed in the toilet you got points.

Check point 3 was decorated like Halloween you answered trivia questions and threw foam body parts into holes on a corn hole board.

Check point 4 was answering trivia questions and throwing bean bags at a plywood board that you knocked holes in to get points.

Check point 5 was trivia questions and throwing rings onto sticks each stick was worth different points.

At the end they tallied your points.

You get extra for adding all the roman numerals throughout the course.

When I arrived I didn’t know anyone – and quickly, Lisa Chissus with PNW Four Wheel Drive Association welcomed me into her group.

She is the Washington Executive Director.

On the trail a guy that was with us that just installed a new radiator and within 15 mins he sliced it with his fan blades and we had to drain the radiator.

Lisa had all the tools needed to help. She had a pop up bucket that was used to catch the fluid and absorbent pads to catch the extra.

Once we got it drained they towed him back out. We then picked and cleaned up the mess and shoveled up the dirt that was covered in fluid to ensure the animals didn’t eat it.

Along the way if you picked up trash you earned points.

One of their Organization’s key missions, are to keep the trails cleaned & maintained. I learned about the PNW Offroad and how they put in man hours and apply for grants to maintain the land to stay public for off roaders. Excellent org, and group ride!

I was so busy driving, I didn’t catch many photos, but here are some I did get!”


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