Northwest Overland Rally 2019 – We love #NWOR

Northwest Overland Rally 2019

One of our favorite events of the year! We look forward to attending #NWOR for many reasons. This particular show is right in our own backyard, a mere 30 minute drive from our HQ, here in Cashmere, WA!

This show garners attention all across the Pacific-Northwest! 1000+ attendees from WA & surrounding states flock to the tiny town of Plain, WA, for this special 3 Day, Camp-In.

With over 1600 show-goers & a whopping 136 Supporting Vendors – Which is a 20+ Vendor increase over last year! Awesome to see that this event continues to grow.

Day 1 was just a Vendor Set-Up / Meet & Greet Day –

Nice camp day with good people around to talk with about 4wd related things. First Raffle of the event happened, and 1 lucky winner left the raffle, winning with a $400 OFF ReGear & Swag! (We had 3 total)


Day 2 kicked off with a 9AM Advanced Mountain Bike Ride –

Led by Carl Montoya, we had somewhere around 15 Mountain Bikers & ran the trail “Rosie Boa” in Leavenworth, WA. It was an awesome time…No wipe outs either! Make sure to scroll down & watch the video we put together, we used some GoPro footage from the ride.



At 2PM – We did a Differential Gearing Class – Taught by Carl Montoya!

It is completely normal to hear that someone is unfamiliar with the inner workings of their axle/differential. So in this class, we discussed in detail over Inner Parts Setup, Ratio Theory, Carrier Upgrade Option Types, and General Off-Road Theory relating to why these things are so important to building an efficient & powerful 4×4!




Nightly Raffle – THE CROWD PLEASER

Everyone loves to win FREE STUFF right? Well the NWOR Nightly Raffle gives literally anyone & everyone a chance to walk away with quality sponsored raffle items from any one of the supporting vendors! It’s always a great time for people of all ages. We raffled off 3 $400 OFF Nitro Gear & Axle Complete Gear Package w/Install by


“When it comes to Overland Event, meets Family Fun & Good Times – NWOR has a perfect mixture. With well over 100 Supporting Vendors, there is a lot of great product on display, and any place or way you strike up a conversation – You will be surrounded by good, like-minded people, in a beautiful place! It’s worth the drive out, if you have never been before. Bring friends & family! Cheers to a great 2019 NW Overland Rally!”

Watch The FULL Event Video Below


Still Photos From NWOR

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