Nitro F10R PRO Gears – 10″ Reverse, Shot-Peened Ring & Pinions for Racing/Competition

Hardcore Offroad Racing/Competition Gears have a HARD job that, despite assumption, actually demands a SOFTER metallic composition. This is how our Pro Gears can endure such HARSH Shock-Load & wear/tear from the toughest abuser… a dedicated off road race vehicle. Our line of Offroad Racing Pro Gears will take extreme brute forces from 40″ tires catching air & landing hard, standing up to the constant abuse of rock courses, & high MPH desert runs on hostile terrain. FAR less chance of breakage, in comparison to running standard 8620 Steel Forged Gears that we love so much in our Daily Drivers, Light Duty Trail Rigs & Crawlers/Haulers. This is a SPECIALTY Gear, for Competition/Racing Applications Only, but it’s one of the best options on the market.

We have developed our new line of 10″ Pro Gears w/ a REVERSE Rotation Cut, allowing them to be utilized in High Pinion Ford 9″/10″ Differential applications where ground clearance at the pinion yoke is a crucial space that can assist with clearing rocks & large obstacles, debris, etc. The most popular cases, such as the Gear Works High Pinion 10″ & Mega Hi9 are ideal applications in which you should consider this gear set on your Buggy or competition Jeep/Truck. This is the perfect Gearset to run when STRENGTH reigns supreme & you cannot risk a Ring & Pinion failure. Manufactured specifically to met the demands that REAL-WORLD Off Road Competition requires, we are proud to bring you the NITRO PRO F10R SHOT PEENED REVERSE 10″ RING & PINION FOR COMP/RACING!

These new gear sets come in 3 different ratio options:

4.57 // 4.86 // 5.14 – Which Ratio Suits Your Race Rig?


The “10 Inch.” variant of the Ford 9” has been used by some of the worlds top drag cars, Ultra4 cars & Desert Race / Trophy Trucks. Most other 10” gears are made of a softer material for short bursts, but do not last will for long distance. The new Nitro Pro Series 10” ring & pinions are manufactured from a proprietary blend of the best materials and precision cut, lapped and heat treated with state-of-the art processes. Each gearset is also shot-peened, which provides added protection from superficial stress cracks and imperfection, as well as alters the properties of gear’s surface for added strength and durability. Nitro Pro Series 10” gears are made for hardcore and competition applications, but unlike most other 10” gears, are made for weekend warrior street vehicles as well.

Tech notes:

  • Works with Gear Works High Pinion 10”
  • 9.5/10″ Nitro “Pro Gears” generally require an aftermarket housing with sufficient clearance for the larger diameter ring gear.
  • An aftermarket yoke will be required as these gears use a larger 35 spline pinion shaft than a standard 9 inch gearset
  • A different pinion support and bearings are needed to work with the larger diameter pinion shaft.
  • The cut on these gears is engineered for maximum strength and often these gears will run with significant noise compared with a traditional 9″ gearset. This is normal for these gears as they are intended for competition use.



We also make Standard Rotation PRO Gears for:

 9″ Lightweight Gears, Standard Rotation  9″ Polished Gears, Standard Rotation  9″ Pro Gears, Standard Rotation
 9.5″ Pro Gears, Standard Rotation  10″ Pro Gears, Standard Rotation  Model 60 Pro Gears, Standard Rotation


Check out our FULL LINE of Nitro 9310 Pro Gears:


Warranty: Pro Gears are intended for extreme off-road fitments and do not have a warranty as a result. // #NitroOrNothing



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