NW Overland Rally 2018!


Hundreds of Off Road Vendors – Hundreds of Attendees! 

There was a huge turnout this year for NW Overland Rally – The biggest year to date. 100+ Vendors started rolled into Plain, WA on Wednesday to prep for the big event dates (June 28th-1st of July) Weather was WINDY but it was nice & warm. We pinned all of our booth swag down to the table so nothing flew away!

Mostly everyone camped at the event grounds. Being #OLAF & all – That is expected, and it adds another level of relaxation to this event. I met lots of people, each with various reasons for being involved in the Overland community. There were those who built an overland vehicle just for weekend get-aways, and those who’ve built for month long journey’s in remote locations. I even met someone who was sick of working a dead end job & decided to travel full time out of his Overland built Landcruiser…in the process, he sold his house, his daily driver, and his wife (just kidding he kept her) so he could live his travel dreams. Pretty incredible!

While everyone has their own reasons as to why they love this life – They all share one thing in common…They need Quality 4×4 Parts! We attend & set up a Vendor Booth to help spread knowledge, show some products, & to be available for Q & A.

Below: Carl Montoya of Nitro Gear & Axle holds a Differential Gearing 101 Class:


Speaking of things Carl M. was up to during the event. He even held a Mountain Bike Group Ride for everyone there who had brought their bikes!

Photo Below:



^^ Thank you #SantaCruz ^^

Our Booth was comprised of a full 5.29 Gear Package sample for 3rd Gen Tacoma, Lunchbox Lockers, Torsen Worm Gear Posi Units, Nitro Oil by Schaeffer’s, ARB Recovery Gear, etc. We had stickers, cups, bags, and shirts for event-goers & of course lots of product catalogs to look over. Keeping it lively with active Q & A – We put out lots of info!

Below: Nitro Gear & Axle Booth Details



Also – Our favorite rep from Schaeffer’s Oil stopped by to do a live demonstration with Nitro Oil by Schaeffer’s – This was a HIT! The people who attended this demo were floored at the heat reduction & specs to which Nitro Oil by Schaeffer’s holds true. Why skimp on quality gear oil after spending the coin on a fresh gearset? It’s a no-brainer to run nothing but Nitro Gear Oil & protect your investment! Available On Website.

Below: Nitro Oil by Schaeffer’s Demonstration


The days are long & the vendors are plenty, so there is a lot of walking / talking involved. At the end of each day, around 7:30 or 8:00PM – Its RAFFLE TIME! Relax, take out your camping chairs, gather friends / family for a round of stories, laughs, and prizes. All of the vendors have the opportunity to giveaway products/services/swag off a randomly chosen Raffle Ticket. Lots of winners walked away with Nitro Swag Bags & a couple lucky winners even won $400 OFF Re-Gear at our HQ in Cashmere, WA. We are looking forward to seeing a Dodge 3500HD complete with AEV Suspension & 37s (He desperately needs that regear!) The speakers which held the Raffles & the team players that helped organize it were fantastic BTW!

Below: Raffle Photos






It’s not NW Overland Rally without the OVERLAND VENDORS! There were some very unique & cool offroad vehicles on display this year. Notably, lots of Landcruisers, Jeeps, and Toyota Trucks. We saw a TON of 3rd gen Tacoma’s.

We recently released Nitro 5.29 Ring & Pinion Gears for 2016+ Tacoma, to accompany’s our 4.88 Gearing option. We were able to talk about benefits of re-gearing with many new Tacoma owners, which is fantastic. Many mentioned already having felt the need for this offering. Now they know who to go to!

Here are some of the photos we captured walking around the vendor booths.

Below: Several Vehicles / Products we saw at NWOR 2018



^^ Mule Expedition Outfitters ^^


^^ Hellwig Products ^^


^^ Genright Offroad & RIPP Superchargers ^^


^^ Dometic Fridges ^^


^^ ARB 4×4 Accessories ^^


^^ MasterPull ^^


^^ Hermitt – Until you see it in person..its hard to imagine how big this thing is! ^^


^^ Rugged Overland ^^


^^ Treeline Outdoors ^^


^^ UCO ^^


^^ KC HiLites ^^


^^ Expedition Essentials ^^


^^ Adventure Ready ^^


^^ XOverland (who runs 4.88 Nitro Gears!) *Review on Nitro-Gear.com* ^^


^^ CBI Offroad & Prinsu ^^


^^ ROAMBUILT Sprinter Van ^^


^^ Factor55 LLC ^^

While the vendors, vehicles, and products are the reason people attend…the people are the reason we love this event. Overlanding is a pretty tightly knit community, everyone has simliar goals, with vastly different experiences. It’s truly a great way to get out & meet the community who is buying & using our Axle & Differential parts first hand. When it comes down to making your 4×4 a mobile living space, a LOT of things can go wrong if poorly built or planned. That’s why vendors like Nitro Gear & Axle are always producing axle & differential solutions for your Overland 4×4. We met people who had built a heavy overlanding rig, just to find out the hard way they should have regeared. Loaded down with hundreds of extra LBS, it’s important to upgrade your axle gearing ratio. When it comes down to things you don’t “see” – It’s easy to dismiss how much it’s actually needed. People love the blingy fun stuff, but mechanically – it has to be efficient. If you’ve got oversized tires, bumpers, etc. Or you tow a camping trailer or camping gear that’s built on to your vehicle, odds are you need to correct your gear ratio. When that time comes – Join #TeamNitro & see what a difference it really makes!




**Huge thank you for all who attended with us this year at NW Overland Rally 2018!!**




Visit Us Today: http://www.Nitro-Gear.com

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